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hello friends ... I will not be breaking the rules of the forum with the question that will, no studio on vacation programmer and I said let's read a book of c + + "how to program in C + +" by Deitel ... and you are the only ones who can give me a hand ... I have good teachers ... to the point, my question
cap.3.9 page 128
"The developer of the implementation of a class, responsible for creating a class GradeBook omnipresent, creates a header file LibroCalificaciones.hy LibroCalificaciones.cpp source code that includes (using # include) the header file and then compile the code file source code to create GradeBook object. to hide the implementation details of the GradeBook member functions, the developer of the class implementation provides the programmer client code LibroCalificaciones.h header file (which specifies the interface and data members of the class) and object code for class GradeBook (which contains the machine language instructions representing GradeBook member functions). programmer code the client does not receive LibroCalificaciones.cpp so unknown as Member functions implemented LibroCalificaiones "
question .... well, try to compile LibroCalificaciones.hy LibroCalificaciones.cpp but you can not because none has the main () function ... how to do?
LibroCalificaciones.h is a header file meaning, it just defines functions. LibroCalificaciones.c implements those functions. To use the functions, you must include LibroCalificaciones.h by adding #include "LibroCalificaciones.h" . Hope this helps.

Edit: You can't compile header files.
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thank you very much.
The solution to my problem.
static libraries.
archivo.h archivo.cpp one without using main () function.
the tutorial is on this page.
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