Specific Code help! URGENT

I am trying to write a game program for a class, I have tried and tried, and now have turned to Cplusplus.com Help me please! What I want to happen is I want to have the player pick a specific value, W, S, A, or D. Then, when they pick any single one of these values I want the game to pick a random number between 1-6, if its <= 3 then I want the game to display the word, "Bump", or if its >= 4, then I want nothing to happen. Then after all of this I want the player to be able to pick a new value, or the same one, and a new random number to take place. So I can pick W, and bump, then pick S and nothing happens, then pick W and nothing happens, then pick W again and bump. I also want to be able to at ANY time have the player type Bang, then have a random number selected from 1-2, and if its one, display that a player was killed and you one, if its 2 then I want it to say, "you wasted a shot". Please, someone help me! If you need the whole of the code I have so far, then I can give it to you.
I suggest posting the code you have now on here and then ask about specific parts you are stuck on then we can try and help you. It will be a better learning experience in the long run as well.
if (Choice == 0)
cout << "Welcome to The Labrynth. Move when you are ready.\n\n";
cin >> Movement;

if (Movement == W)
int randomNumber = rand();
int die = (randomNumber % 6);
if (die <=3)
cout << "Bump.\n";
if (die >=4)
cout << "What next?\n";

I have a menu-ish screen before anything, so you can look up the rules, the about, and so on so forth. So this is what I have if they pick the option to play, then I have the movement, the if movement, but what I am stuck on is when I run it, I press W, then enter it in, then nothing happens, then I press W again, maybe an error, you know, then the whole thing shuts down in a split second. That is what I need help with, it closes, but I also need to be able to have the player be able to preess S, A, and D, as well as W, then I also want the player to be able to type in Bang, so really all I need help with is getting the code posted to work. Please help!
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