May someone help me with .cs file editing?

I have a few .cs files and I am still learning the basics and was trying to edit the file for a game I have and do not understand what some of the codes mean...they are not on any site i have seen...any takers? i shall send you the codes and ask for your feedback.
.cs is C# right?

I like this C# page:

Most things in VS2010 and C# is intelli sense anyway. It's actually pretty amazing, also making me wonder if every part of VS is made on a different planet.

i thank you LowestOne that really did hlp with part that were hard to understand. Okay and i have another question....
class Net
public int _value = 6;

class Perl : Net
public new int _value = 7;
public void Write()

what does the 6 and 7 stand for? i see this in every c# file
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