hello, i got this lines in my program

int Linhas = 60;

int s = ((i-12)*2+1);
if ( j == s || j == -(i-(Linhas-13))*2-1)

i got a for from i = 12 to .. ( doesn't matter)
when i = 12:

s = 1 ( it says in the visual studio Watches that i putted to control the value of s)
and when j = 1, it goes to the if but it jumps, doesn't enter inside. how come? it is driving me crazy.

Thank you for your patience
Could you provide a simple compiled example that demonstrates the problem? I think that if you will write this simple example you can find the problem yourself.
I written if ( 1 || j == s || .. ) and doesn't enter in the if also, in my machine and in a friend of mine
Sure, it "enters" the if.

The problem is: mtemp[i-12]==T0; doesn't do anything.

My guess is you wanted to use assignment there instead of comparison. Use one = for assignment.
I am sorry but I have understood nothing about where you can not enter.:)

this expression

( 1 || j == s || .. )

will be always equal to true if it is compiled successfuly. I think that the first operand of the expression is number one.
yep thank you it was the two == in mtemp[i-12] == T0, i was so tired that didn't saw ;)
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