string class

I went to the page for the string class (the page that gives information on all of the functions/members/templates of the class in detail) and I wasn't able to make sense of it. I also went to the source code for the string class and I was even more lost. Just don't yell at me for not giving it my best shot before I came here, fellas.

I've recently given c-style array strings the finger, because I don't like them, so now I'm moving to the string class. I'm having trouble reading input into a string variable.

the declaration obviously goes like
string strInput;
and the code that I use to fetch input looks like
cin >> strInput;

As soon as the input includes a space (the 32 integer equivalent, NOT an underscore/'_'), everything before the space gets read into strInput, and everything after the space gets dumped into "cyberspace," never to be seen again.
At first I thought I might try 'cin.getline(30,strInput)' but I'm not sure if that's a good idea.

Thanks for reading.

std::getline( std::cin, strInput );

As for your original problem then you should use several statements

std::cin >> strInput;

to read the whole statement.
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