How to change fonts in C++?

I found a topic close to this on this site but it was closed and didnt fully teach you how to do it (the guy posted code with errors in it and everyone corrected and not explained.) I want to know how to enter font code and font color code. Ex.:


, Any ideas would be helpful, Thanks.
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You have to stop using the console if you want that. The console can only display all text in the console with the same settings (some consoles allow you to color specific characters though) and these settings can be changd in the console settings. On Windows you can right click on the title bar and choose properties, but if you want to do this from C++ you have to look in the Windows API for stuff that deals with the console. You won't be able to change the font of just specific text.

You should really at this point look into some sort of application framework and use a rich text control in a real window, not the console. The console is not designed for what you want to do.
He's pretty new, L B. From his other posts. So windows API may not be an option right now. ):

And Willmannn, Like L B said, once you change the font, everything in the console will change to that. There will be no difference between any fonts within the console.

Maybe try using some ascii art if you want/need bigger text.
Thanks, I am new. I have actually Moved on to API. ME and friends are working on a project. So I understand how to change it now.
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