hello, why everybody puts cin.ignore() after a cin >>.
Some people say that cin can leave a terminating character in the stream. Well, i didnt understand that. What problems can it origin? give examples, please..
You mean

Hell if I know, that makes no sense.
No, i mean, for example you have an integer x. you do:
cin >> x;

Everybody use this, and i dont know why...
cin leaves the newline character in the stream. Adding cin.ignore() to the next line clears/ignores the newline from the stream.

This is used mainly with combinations of cin and getline. I can't think of any examples but over time you will find them if you use getline and cin together.

Take a look at this:
thanks a lot, you helped me...
ignore() will flush the input stream, just like C fflush(stdin), which is great for removing the annoying new lines stored at the end of the stream :P
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