Combine SDL with console or windows buttons

There are a lot of tutorials available on SDL, and there are a lot of tutorials available on console programming. The problem is, I have no idea how to combine them.
Is it possible to do the input through the console, and the visualization in a different window with SDL?
Or would it be possible to split the window into a part where I can put windows text fields and buttons, and another part where all the visualizations are done?

I know it would be possible to program custom buttons and text fields with SDL, but I'm guessing that would be more difficult than the aforementioned method, assuming that that is possible.
From my experience, SDL does not play nice with widgetry libs because they both want to assume control over the overall program. SDL doesn't even particularly play nice with multiple windows.

This is one of the many reasons I don't really like SDL anymore.

The easiest way to do this with SDL is probably just to use SDL exclusively (do not try to use any other widgetry libs) and use one of the SDL add-on libs which add pushbuttons and other common widgets to your program.

However that sticks you with some limitations.
1) You can only have 1 window
2) Your controls won't look/behave quite like normal controls would.

Personally... I prefer to use SFML. Not only is it just overall a better library (IMO), but it also plays very nice with widgetry libs. In fact there are 'drop-in' classes to create an embeddable canvas for both wxWidgets and Qt (two very popular, crossplatform widgetry libs).

I have had great success in this very recently (like 2 days ago) by using this page as a guide:

It's very possible that there might be something similar that works with SDL... but I'm not aware of any.
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