Downloading and Setting Up A C++ Compiler in NetBeans

Hello and thank you all! I really really appreciate your help. I am completely new. I'm a highschool student who is used to Java. I was attempting to conduct serial communication between a microcontroller and my computer when it became apparent that Java is completely inadequate. Therefore, I resolved to learn C++. But I cannot even get the darn thing to work!

I basically just wasted my whole snow day today attempting to figure out how to get the MinGW C++ Compiler to work.
Now, if I understand correctly, GCC is a package of compilers built for the GNU Operating System
MinGW is a software port that translated the GCC compiler so that it can be used with the Windows platform.

I attempted to follow this guide:

I downloaded: mingw-get-inst-20120426 (a link is provided in the guide that goes to this)
I started the installation and basically unchecked everything but the C++ Compiler and whatever MSYS is. The command prompt came up, it downloaded and installed all these libraries or something, and then it finished.

Now I'm not sure what to do.
What is MSYS? What is it talking about where it says :
"Before using MinGW, if you intend to run it from cmd.exe, you should add C:\MinGW\bin; to the PATH environment variable, as described below; (if you intend to use MSYS, rather than cmd.exe, this step is unnecessary, provided you set up an appropriate MSYS mount table reference for your MinGW installation)."

I just want it to work... and I just want to start programming.
Is there any simpler compiler that is just as good that I can just download and install or something so that netbeans will stop telling me I don't have a compiler?
I really really appreciate it!
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msys is an emulation of a linux cmd.
I think you should be able to do some settings in the netbeans IDE.
I think this tutorial should help you.
I really appreciate the reply! I got it to work. Thank you a lot!
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