Babylonian Algo.

"Write a program that inputs an integer for n , iterates through the Babylonian algo. until guess is within 1% of the previous guess and outputs the answer as double"

Thats the question for my assignment . I just want to know how to print out guess is within 1% of the previous guess . Thanks in advanced .

After each guess, store the guess in a variable that will be used to compare to the current guess.
no i mean i got that part . i mean how do i declare it in the code to print out the guess is 1% of the previous guess :)
To print something out, use cout.

I'm guessing that wasn't what you meant though.

I'm not really sure how it works but I would do something like this:
1. Divide the guess and previous guess by the total number( Say the guess can only go up to 1000)
2. Take the absolute value of ( guess - previous ).
3. Multiple the answer by 100. ( Turn it into a percent )
4. Check to see if the answer is less than one using an if statement.

You can try something like this but it might not work.
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