CodeBlocks .exe problem

Hello, I have a problem, maybe someone can help me or at least tell that is not working. So I'm writing a code, it works perfectly, I compile it, the application starts. I enter the example, it works fine. I save it. The reason I am so angry is that after I start the ".exe" that project created, it shows me what data I have to enter e.g. "x=" so I enter it, after this I get the correct message that it should feedback me, but it close very fast like in a second or less, I barely see the message. It is a command or something that i need to put in my code? I use GNC GCC Compiler as default, also I am on windows 7(x64). I will be very thankful if someone can share me guide on a subject like "how to make executables work outside the compiler" or something like this. My mates also have this problem, so I think it is not the program, could be about a setting or something we should write in plus in the code.

The window will close down when the program ends. If you start the program from the command line the window will stay open.
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