Can someone help with my C++ program??!!!

I need a program to calculate the total revenue.
I need help
here is my c++ program:

//Program to calculate total revenue
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
//Declare variables
double Orchestra = 25.0;
double Mainfloor = 30.0;
double Balcony = 15.0;
int NumberofseatsinOrchestra = 0 ;
int NumberofseatsinMainFloor = 0;
int NumberofseatsinBalcony = 0;

//Enter Input Items
cout << “Enter Orchestra:”;
cin >> Orchestra;
cout << “Enter MainFloor:”;
cin >> Mainfloor;
cout << “Enter Balcony:”;
cin >> Orchestra;
cout << “Enter Number of seats in Orchestra:”;
cin >> NumberofseatsinOrchestra;
cout << “Enter Number of seats in MainFloor:”;
cin >> NumberofseatsinMainFloor;
cout << “Enter Number of seats in Balcony:”;
cin >> NumberofseatsinBalcony;

//Calculate total number of revenue in Orchestra
totalNumberofRevenueinOrchestra = NumberofseatsinOrchestra* Orchestra

totalNumberofRevenueinMainFloor = NumberofseatsinMainFloor* MainFloor

totalNumberofRevenueinBalcony = NumberofseatsinBalcony* Balcony

totalNumberofRevenue = totalNumberofRevenueinMainfloor+

cout << “Display Total Revenue” << endl;
//end to take the cursor to the return 0;
what is your problem? and please use code tag can?
hard to see and lazy =.=
you forgot a closing bracket?
don't the "totalMumberof ... " variable need to be delcared somewhere ?
missing semicolons at the end too ?
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missing semicolons at the end too ?

Missing a whole lot of them...

But also, you don't have a line to display the results...
Unless you intended to have it on the same line as: cout << “Display Total Revenue” << endl; in which case you need to add the variable to that line.

I would also suggest using \n at the beginning of most lines. Otherwise, once you run this, the text will all mash itself into one sentence.
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