Recursive Palindrome checker

So I am having trouble with c++ and need help on how to write this program. I've been struggling with the class but want to do better and learn c++. Here is the first part of the assignment.

"Create a string object to read the string from the user, #include <string>. A user can
enter a single word or a sentence. Therefore, you will need to use the getline() function
to read the string from the user, i.e. std::getline(std::cin, sentence). Write a recursive
function called determine_palindrome() that checks to see if the string is a palindrome."

I need help on how to tackle this problem. Any help is appreciated.

The sentence can contain several words. How should you check that a sentence is palindrome? Should you ignore spaces or should you sheck every word in the sentence that it is a palindrome?
well, there are multiple parts to the assignment. Eventually I will need to ask the user if they would like to reverse a string or check if a word is a palindrome. I'm confused on how to start.
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