New to Xcode 4.6

Whats up guys?!

So ive been using for a while now but just registered so i can get help and hopefully offer help once i get better.

My question regards the way xcode saves your work. So im working on a command line tool application and when i save my work (i saved it as "practice"), it creates a folder called practice. Now within that folder, there is the actual xcode project, and also another folder named practice. and in this folder there is a main.cpp file and another one.

My question is, how do i create the main.cpp file? without having to create an entire command line tool application? like, i can code in that main.cpp file, which is what i want because it is so much cleaner and simpler than coding in the actual xcode app.

another reason is because for my class, we have to upload a "Though Provoking Questions" file. its basically questions about our program that we must answer and so i just save it with the extension .tpq and upload it to the schools computer. I know this paragraph may be confusing to some, but believe me. ive done it with nedit and it works this way.
I presume xcode does this to group all the files used in the project together. In the beginning, you may be only using one file for all your code but when you work on anything bigger then you'll want to have multiple files. xcode is just grouping all those files together in the one folder; if you just manually create the files yourself in some random directory, it'll probably be much more annoying to use xcode to compile them.
ohhh okay. but the main.cpp file is what contains the actual code. if i open that file, its just a clean and plain source code editor, the files extension is .cpp. the other one has a .xcodeproj extension. so what is the main.cpp file?

they both allow to work on the code, but the .cpp one is cleaner and simpler. whereas the .xcodeproj one actually opens up all of xcode and its features on the sides of it.
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