How to use tab(/t) with Format

Hey, I am working on some code where I need to print out some strings but will like to tab after printing each string. I know you can use the tab escape key with printf but it doesn't work when I use it with Format. So at this point I will like to know how to tab when using Format? Any help will greatly be appreciated.
- I believe it's


cout<<"Hello \t World"<<endl;

- I could be mistaken though.
So I can't do the following:
CString mstatus;
mstatus.Format("Name" "\t""Address""\t""Phone Number");

I want the output to look like this:
Name Address Phone Number

I want a couple of spaces after each heading.

If I can't use \t what can I use to get this output with Format?
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That should work. You don't have to put each string in double quotes, you can write it as follows.

mstatus.Format("Name\tAddress\tPhone Number");
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