a very simple complex number question for you please

Guys, I have a very simple question for you, Please help me. Thanks alot!!!

#include < iostream>
#include < complex>

using namespace std;

int main()

int k=200000;

complex <double> r0[k/2],r1[k/2]; ///wrong!!!

complex <float> r0[k/2],r1[k/2]; ///right

return 0;

I just wanna create a complex array. k=200000 here (need to be big like this), the computer stop working(not error, it shows my file stop working), if i just complex <double>, it works with complex<float>! Someone please tell me the reason please, thanks again!!!
Both are wrong.
Have you even compiled this?

have a read of this too:

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Hey, mutexe. I think I got it. Thanks!!
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