Any programmers with work experiences?

Hello, I have a question. I am in college going for my associates in programming and I only need 27 more credits to receive my degree. I do not have proof of any work experiences involved with computers. However I do have experience on my own working with different languages. I even have my own web site little side business and an android developers account. I just launched my first android application to the market. My main concern is, will it be difficult to get a job in the workfield since I have no proof of work experiences. I was thinking of going for my bachelors... and maybe my masters. My other questions is what is the experience like in working in an IT environment doing programming work. Do you work by yourself on one project or work as a team in different sections of what must be done? Or maybe it depends on how much details needed to be program? Any other answers of telling me some pointers for what is it expected and what must be known will be helpful.
an android developers account
I just launched my first android application to the market

It is good proofs of your abilities and addition to your portfolio. You should have no problem if you apply to junior programmer vacancy, and you can aim even higher.

Your experience can be quite different depending on company. For example in some companies juniors will get an interface and should write an implementation of simple objects while seniors develop whole program and code difficult or critical parts.

You can google typical work application questions for C++ developers.
I cannot say more because I don't know much about US work market.
Interesting. I have another question since my degree is in computer programming, does that mean I will only be working with companies that program for software development/games or this can also apply with web designing.. or just basically a mixture? I do not know how that works..
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