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hello people,

I have already written my code but i am stuck at the last part where it says i have to set up a flag for the command line. My program was to implement avl and BST trees and perform certain operations. I am done with that.

Now i need to test my program like
testTrees <document file name> <words file name> <flag> where flag is 0 for BST and 1 for AVL tree. guys please help how would i even get started. After some research i found its got to do with the argv, argc in the main line but no good example anywhere. please help...........
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#include <iostream>

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    std::cout << "The number of args you passed in is: " << argc << std::endl;
    for(int i = 0; i < argc; i++)
        std::cout << "Argument " << i << " is: " << argv[i] << std::endl;
    return 0;

This will show you how you can get arguments from the command line into variables you can use in your program.
./myProgram bacon moreBacon 5 3.1
The number of args you passed in is: 5
Argument 0 is: myProgram
Argument 1 is: bacon
Argument 2 is: moreBacon
Argument 3 is: 5
Argument 4 is: 3.1

Keep in mind that even if you pass in an argument like 1 or 3.5, it is still char form! You'll have to take your numeric arguments and change them from char strings into numbers if you want to use them like numbers.
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Thank you booradley60 and rcast it helps but still i did not figure out how would i set a flag as 0 for BST and 1 for AVL tree
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Simply pass 0 or 1 as the third argument when calling the program, and have the program handle if third console argv is 0 then BST else than AVL
thanks again for reply but after i started to implement this command function,my whole main function is messed up. This is first time i am handling two text files in a program.
Can you please guide me how do i implement my main? I do not need code just please check my steps.
1)created a BST class.
2)created an AVL class and was supposed to use inheritance.
3)now for the main i am conused

I open the first file. I stored as vectors i had to print line number i cannot figure out how to print line number of the word. //problem
insert as a tree. //done
asked the user to enter a word to search and print if it exists. //done
found the average depth, log2(n) and ratio of both. //done

now my problem starts
how would i read second file there. //problem
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