c++ learning 4 kids! neeed help!

I am learning c++ and I am only ten years old. I read "Basics of a program" from this website and also "Variables" from this website. I am using a website called "codepad" which lets you type in c++ or c or other languages and it will give you the output. I know how to do basic stuff like make it say sentances and use variables, but I dont understand the next page. I dont understand constants. Can somebody please help by showing me an easier to understand website or book? thanks.
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Maybe it's "Constants" ?
It's like a Variable, but it cannot change.
Well, I started learning basic programming at that age... I'm not sure what math you are learning, but at ten, I picked everything up because I had a lot of experience in Algebra. The basics of programming has all aspects of algebra: boolean, arrays, variable, constants, functions, and other basic math. I would suggest learning some of that first if you do not already know.
This is a college course level one C++ online programing class that the teacher has made available to the public. He offers examples and videos along with his lessons, and they should be pretty easy to understand.


Once your done there, and your feeling confident, here's the level two stuff. This link is usually only available during the normal school year, (when class is open).


I think the level one stuff should get you started and feeling confident about learning more. Good luck!
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