Help with object orientated program

Hello guys. My first post so I hope its ok.

We've just got a brief introduction of OOP in c++ and were told to give this program a shot using the internet and books etc for help. I was hoping you guys could give me some guidelines. Seems a bit confusing to me. I have just started reading through the OOP tutorial on here.

Here it is :
Define a class named Movie. Include private variables for the title, year, and name of the director.
Include a default constructor and three public methods with the following prototypes:

void setTitle( string movieTitle);
void setYear(int year);
void setDirector(string dir);

Include another method that displays information about a movie.
Also include the get methods and an overloaded constructor.
Write the driver program that will read an array of Movie objects and process them.
So what have you tried? What exactly don't you understand?
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