C++ Project Guidance.

So I'm still a beginner but I'm finding the best way I'm learning is when I create programs. I was looking around for ideas and came across an idea for a kind of banking system. I thought I'd have a crack at that but I have no clue where to start.

I'd like the user to be able to create and store accounts, with an amount of money linked to that account. Also It would be really cool if they could record transactions (date, money taken/recieved ect..) and have that make changes on their account balance.

It would be really good if some of the more advanced programmers out there could give me a nudge in the right directions. I definetely don't want it to be done for me (so no code posting please) but just give me an idea on how to do it. (ie. store the data in this..., or you could use this to do this..)

Any help would be amazing, I'm really getting into programming now :)

For starters since the customers name, account balance and PIN are required for each instance of an account let's collect all of that data into an object. Since date, amount and type (Deposit or Withdraw) are needed for each instance of a transaction let's make that into another object. You'll also need an interface, how you do this is going to be largely dependent on your experience so tell us how are we doing so far?
Thats good :)

By object are you referring to classes? ie when you create a new class you use an object to access functions inside that class?

By interface I would prefer to keep it console based, if thats what your referring too. I've allready drawn up a simple menu function that could easily link to other functions that could process accounts ect.

Try to treat me like a complete noob. I'm not, but I only started learning the language on friday, have only done one big project, but have watched and read many tutorials.

Thank you!

An object could be a struct or a class, which ever you prefer. If you're that new this maybe a few hours of work as it is. It's best not to pile too much on your plate at once.
I can do classes, both within main.cpp and creating a new class file, which I'm assuming is better since it would be better organised?
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