Defining a period of time for a single segment of code

Hello dear friend ,

I'm planing to come up with my first c++ project , i'v putt a lot of effort by now ,and i'm getting better in it every day ,how ever c++ is so huge to be known completely.
I'm planing to come up with a code that defines a particular period of a time for a user to access it .
Let me make it clear , my project is about an university , different factors can access the system such as administrator , staff, lecturers and students .
Administrator registers staffs (i'm already don with it), and staff can get access
to certain information's like student marks , names ,etc. Staff accessibility to student results and grades must be defined in the particular period of time, and that's what i can't come up with.
Please do give me an example of a program that has defined period of a time for it's certain information to be accessed.
And i'm sorry , my project has all ready took 100 lines of coding's , I can't just copy everything simply in here.
I really do appreciate if you guys help me with this , thanks in advance.
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