Converting a Variable from a BTYE type to a WORD type

First post on so apologies if this has been answered else-ware (I couldn't find any answers I understood/applied to me) or if this question is in the wrong forum.

I'm working with DirectX and playing around with Xbox 360 controller inputs (in a windows environment) and trying to use the returned trigger values of the controller to set the vibration frequency of the controller.

I have a function that gets/reads the Trigger value of the controller and that returns a BYTE type (0-255)

And I have another function that vibrates the controller.

My problem is that the function that vibrates the controller accepts a WORD type (0-65535) as its argument so I need to convert the BYTE (0xFF) to a WORD (0xFF00) type and am stuck at how to do it.

I roughly know what the two types are, but don't have much experience in windows programming so don't know how to convert them. I tried a static_cast but that didn't seem to work...

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe somewhere in Windows headesr there is a special macro that shifts a BYTE left. But in any case you should shift the BYTE left.
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This thread seems to cover the options pretty well.
Thanks guys.

The MAKEWORD macro worked really well (after I worked out to use 0 as a second BYTE and which order to put them in)

Once again, Thanks.
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