Hello community!

I am creating a matrix for a deck of 52 playing cards. I realise permuting them all together (N=52) will have me waiting for years to complete, so what i done is have all the aces then permute each card with them (now N=5), then have all the kings then permute each card with them and so on until all the 2s with a,k,q,etc...Which would mean that each card has been permuted with each other.Below for example...

AC AD AH AS KC = save to file
AC AD AH AS KD = """""""""""
AC AD AH AS KH = """""""""""
AC AD AH AS KS = """""""""""
KC KD KH KS AC = """""""""""

Then arrange them in the array starting from the end of the deck back to start.

When looking at the program running with ALL 52 cards the results seem the same as when i do it with 5 items bar having to change the left side of the array.
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