C++ Allegro Help?

Hey guys, are the many users here who have experience with allegro? If so, any ideas how to hide/delete and image from the screen after drawing it?

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I'm not familiar with Allegro, but I do suggest you enclose each condition in parentheses in lines 9 and 11. This will ensure that the operators are called in correct order.
Thanks for the suggestion, how would this be done exactly as the following way gives an error on the "&&" -
if(mouse_x < XposMax) && (mouse_x > XposMin) //and if the mouse position is lower than 520pixels and higher than 320
    if(mouse_y < YposMin) && (mouse_y > YposMin)

Thank you!
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   if((YCoord >= Min) && (YCoord <= Max)){/*Do something...*/}
Ok thanks, Just missed out a set of brackets that's why errors were coming up, it now reads fine :)

Anyway back to topic - any ideas anyone?
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