Please Help

I want to become a COMPUTER PROGRAMMER
but idont know how to start to it
sa please help,
PM in me, for the steps by steps thnx
If you want to program software, then just google a tutorial for one of the main languages like Java, C++,Perl,Scala,Ruby,Python.

If you want to be a hardware programmer, then I guess you'll have to get a degree at a college or university.
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There are lots of languages you can use. I suggest C++ because its awesome and its really easy to set up, and there are loads of tutorials everywhere to get you going. Here is the download link:

Just scroll down until you have gotten to the area that says Visual C++ 2010 Express. Or you can use Code Blocks, just do a quick google search. There is a documentation here which teaches you the basics about C++. Here is the link: (or you could just navigate to it on the left).
Lastly you could choose a different programming language like Python or Ruby if you want, but C++ is one of the best!

Good luck
Thank you Very Much
Jonas Wingren and Hazique

but what the best application
im going to use in C languages?

is that the Turbo C is
applicable by this?

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