Debugging via console compilation

Hi all,

It may not be the best practice, but I've found that I really dislike using an IDE as they are so heavy and take up so much screen real-estate, when the only thing I would use them for is compilation. I don't use 99.5% of the features even the free ones come with - mostly because they make tons of extra files and that's messy and I don't like that, but OH well, that's a tangent for another day. Anyway I started using console compilation and sublime text 2 for a text editor, and that was really nice and lightweight, using g++ as the compiler. This was working fine until a while back I started taking on a massive programming project and needed some serious debugging skills.

Is there a good lightweight way of debugging without an IDE?

Google doesn't seem to give useful results. I kind of just stopped programming because my 5000 lines were kind of buggy and it was getting a bit bloated and I felt like I needed to re-evaluate my life and read Code Complete. Anyway, thanks for the advice.
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Have you looked at gdb?

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