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Hi All!
Well first let me say that I am new to the programming world other than dealing with Javascript, Actionscript, HTML, CSS and PHP for web development purposes. I haven't touched anything dealing with C++ or Visual Studio since before I graduated high school 13 years ago. I'm actually looking to go back to school and looking for good schools and resources that anyone would recommend for learning programming as far as for App Development for Windows, Android, and Linux based devices. I'm looking for schools that would offer their programs online or other resources from the web that you all might recommend. I have searched the web and haven't really come across any tutorials or resources that I really care for hence why I am asking for other peoples' opinions.
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Just get stuck in with the tutorials. If you're familiar with PHP and Javascript, you should get along just fine with a few syntax adjustments. This site has few and there's also learncpp.com.
I would recommend picking up Stephen Prata's 'C++ Primer Plus' (6th edition). Take your time plowing through this massive book, keep faith, but at the end of this book, you'll probably know the in-and-outs of C++ and the standard library.

After that, you can get started working on other, more advanced stuff (even though the book goes over some pretty advanced stuff). Build your knowledge on other non-standard libraries, system related libraries, etc.
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