Where can I find c++ courses online

I want to learn c++, and I think the best way to do that would be to find a sort of 'school' for it online. It doesn't have to be free, but I'd prefer if it weren't too expensive. I know there are a bunch of tutorials and books on it, but I think the best way to learn for me is through a school-type setting. Thanks in advance :)
Anyone? I've been searching for awhile, but couldn't really find anything :(

Google is good
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First, learn the basics from here:

Keep the references at hand, you'll need them.

I think the best way to learn for me is through a school-type setting.

This site can function as that -- but it'll be a little different. Think of yourself not as a student, but as an instructor -- try to help people in Beginners by trying to answer their questions, and fix their code, or try to write your own code to solve their problem. Observe the answers of the more experienced users.

If you want to strain yourself and your C++ skills, go here:
In addition to what Catfish3 said about practicing, this site here:


It is a russian site. If you are not using google chrome, append this to the end of the name: ?locale=en
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What I meant by a school-type setting was something that gives you homework to do to really reinforce the things they're teaching you. Most sites I've found don't do that, sadly.

Also, what do you guys think about this site? http://www.vtc.com/products/C-plusplus-Tutorials.htm
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I would recommend you a Stanford course.
The course's website is : http://www.stanford.edu/class/cs106b/. There are also recorded lectures on the youtube, but IMO the best thing is a free course book, which you can download from the course site (Course Reader PDF in the resources section). The book has over 1000 pages, but it shouldn't discourage you. It is really easy to understand and has LOTS of exercises after each chapter. The exercises are quite interesting and there always is a guide how they should be solved.

The tutorials on this site give you example code - mess with it, alter it and incorporate it into your own code. When you're starting out make a calculator program that asks for and receives, stores data from the user then does a calculation and outputs the problem and the answer correctly. Then as you learn modify it to add features (like outputting the answer in english words, ie "three hundred and seventy five" and be more error proof. Or to output the answer in hexadecimals too, or whatever. If you mean you want someone standing behind you with a whip to keep you motivated, ignore this I suppose.
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