/GL unexpected behaviour

i am working currently on a 3D C++ project.
i am using Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 and newest DirectX SDK (June 2012).

In a tick-function is a reattacktime in milliseconds calculated with the help of Elapsed Time.
There is a unexplainable behaviour when this get compiled with /gl (its a part .lib project).
Without /GL it works perfectly.

(The rest of the projectsettings are like Release ones (/O2, /OI, /MT))

When you compile with /GL the reattacktime gets completely ignored, like it is all the time 0 Milliseconds.

I cant explain it myself, do you have any idea?

One weird point:
O2 + GL = Bug
Ox + GL = Bug
O2 without GL 0 No Bug
Od + GL = No Bug

I checked properly, a protected class Float variable, holding the last attacktime stays zero all the time.
Is it maybe some memory/stack corruption, caused by the presstogheter?
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