Communication between injected dll and outside program


i just finished with a simple dll game hack.
At the moment it works only with hotkeys and a console window for showing information about which functions are enabled/disabled and which values are set for each function. Since im not experienced enough with d3d hooking to add a ingame menu to the hack, i wanna create a second program to control the hack after the injection into the game. Now comes my question: Which is the best way i can use to let the hack and the outside program"communicate" with each other? I already had the simple idea to let the injected hack read from an .ini file in a certain time interval and update the settings from that but this method seems to be not good for this as i saw in many other forums while searching for a solution.
I also want to code the outside program in VB.NET so it must be something possible in both languages. Any suggestions?
Is it just me or why do i never get any answers here?

If you understand when you inject the DLL into the memory Space of another Process you can always try to use IPC communications or you may feel like to create a *.txt file then make the other Program read. I would feel you should use IPC communication.

Why use DLL as I would say use Code Injection or Codecave that way you can channel the output directly to the EXE rather than using IPC's and such.

I currently use a simple .ini file for this. I know that it's not the best way for that but since i code in c++ since ~1-2months only i don't feel like trying the other ways and fucking my brain up.
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