TChart Data Files (you must see)

Hello Guys, i really need help here, i'm learning C++, i'm newbie then i don't undestand much about C++ coding.
I'm new in forum too, i don't have time for read much rules but, i think, i can post links here :S

I'm here to request a Program. i have full code of What i need but i don't know how to make working, i will explain:

I'm creating a private server of a game alone, i know how to edit all in server side but i need to edit Client side files too :/
I have some files with extension TCD but i cant edit it, i need a program to allow the editing but i don't know how to do, i have the program source for Create the TCD files by a text file but i don't know how to convert the tcd files to text files :/

I'm new here but i will post some link of my source code. (its VC++ .NET 2003 source :/) (100mb)

The source have much folder but the sources of TChart Reader and TChart Creator is
Source > TClient > TChart (Reader, used by Client)
Source > Tools > TChartProtect (Used for Make new TCD Files)

With this sources, maybe can easier to make a editor but i don't know how to start making.
If u make me the program THANKS A LOT ;D

I apreciate your work. If u help me, thanks really ^^

#Edit: Somethings in program are in Korean :/

If my english is so bad, is because i'm portuguese and i don't speak english. a bit :D

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