Pascal to C++

Hey guys, I've been learning pascal for a while as I was told it was a good starting language, though it was, I found it was very limited to the things that I wanted to achieve. I was just wondering after learning this language, how I should approach C++?

Many thanks.
The original Pascal is indeed very limited. I should hope you were learning with a modern Object Pascal variant.

If you were, you will find C++ to be very similar in structure and layout. C++ is less convenient than Pascal when handling modular structure, and much more difficult to diagnose compile errors, but all things being equal, if you can understand OP you can understand C++.
Have you seen this?

Comparison of Pascal and C

Doesn't deal with Borland's (or other's) extensions to the language, but it does go through all the basic syntax usages.

I learnt Turbo Pascal (using classes, etc) before C++ (Turbo C++, to start with) and found it easy to pick up the class-based programming in C++. It was the old fashioned, pointer-based C style that gave me more grief.

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Thanks guys,
I actually started with Delphi Borland and found it very restrictive, but it's good to know that both languages are similar in structure, oh and another question, what compilers would you guys recommend for C++? Any personal preference?
There are a number of threads on this subject already, including pretty recent ones. So you should first do a search of this site -- for "recommend compiler", etc -- and check them out. Then get back to us if you need further info (ideally in a new thread, as it would be a new topic.)

You do mean compiler, and not IDE? (A number of these threads confuse the two).

If you do get back to us, we'll need to know what operating system(s) you want to develop for, whether you're going to use an IDE or want to work on the comand line (using a text editor), and possibly a bit about the kind of apps you'd like to write.

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I'm not so sure what to believe can help him here. Borland's Delphi is one of the most powerful, capable programming environments available. If OP finds it restrictive, perhaps we should point him at one of those do-what-I-want programming languages. They usually work by hiring someone to type it in for you.
i do believe Borland's Delphi is VERY powerful, and if you can't use it to some use you might want to start some basic programming tutorials and such.
(i would recommend And as for the compiler try GCC (or minGW on windows) and for text editor notepad++ (if your going for minimalistic approach) other wise there are many IDE's to chose from i would recommend Code:Blocks or Microsofts visual c++ express (or Visual Studio 2012 if you want to pay)
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