Algorithms Book

Does anyone know where I can download free pdf file "Algorithms in C++" by Robert Sedgewick?
Or any other book about algorithms?
If you search for the book title and the author on google you find this book and another Algorithm book by the same author on first page.
I don't know why I keep getting an answer "google it" every time I search for something here, but it's really annoying.

I did google this before asking it here and all sites that showed up were fake spam sites or a real book that I have to pay for (amazon).

Anyway I goggled it again (without the quotes and added pdf in search) and I found the book.

But it would be a nice if for one I would get a real link to the book, not just "google it".
Why would anyone want to use google for you because you're too lazy to do it yourself? I have a friend that repeatedly asks me to "throw him his phone", when his phone is less than 3 feet from him. So for the same reason I won't get his phone for him, I won't google for you; you're lazy and ungrateful, and are making an ass out of yourself by complaining about it.
If you can do something yourself without trouble, don't try and force others to do it for you.
I didn't link to it mostly because it's illegal and people might have problems with that.
Setting aside the fact that it's illegal, it's annoying as hell.
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