Working with Pointers, Arrays and Dynamic memory

Hi I am really new to programming in C++ and I need advice on how to tackle a project. I am trying to create a CD Collection where the user inputs the title of a CD, the songs on that CD and the time (in seconds, int) for each song, and have this information stored, so that the user can input multiple CDs. Should/is it possible to use dynamic memory for the CD Collection, and store the individual CDs as an array, with each array having access to the songs/time in a class? Or is there a better way of going about this. I tried doing this on my own and ran into error when creating a pointer array (if that's what it's called).
Note: I will need to access each variable again. (Preforming actions like deleting CDs, averaging the time on each CD, organizing in ABC order, etc.) I can save the information to a file, but I would not like to rely on this to keep track of my data at all times. Also can someone explain what an instance is? I cannot find a clear definition of what that is. Any other tips, explanations or advice would be appreciated since I am learning C++ on my own.

Thank you!
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