Need help building a typless container

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so i built a programming language called jade that right now can only print. i want to add variables to it however. I am going to use a modified bajarne stroustrop calculator to handle expressions (ie will now include string manipulations and such), but I want to build a var class into the program to make it easier for the program. i want variables to act like python variabes, and arrays to act like python associative arrays. Ive scoured different containers, but they only work if the variable isnt an array in my language, because it will only have one type. the only thing i can come up with is a union and 4 overloaded = operators (for bool, int, double, and string) is there a better way to do this?
When you say jade, do you mean this jade or another one?
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no. i knew that JADE was already made, but I had come up with the name before i saw that. and its jade not JADE so I thought that wouldnt be a problem. if someone has a better name ill use it though
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