I have an Exam in C++ Programming ..Help ?!!

ok so the exam is :

Airline Booking System

a small airline company bought a computer to automate reserving tickets.
it asks me to build it's system
This airline company has one plane which has 10 seats
10 seats are split into two zones: 5 seats for business man and 5 for normal people .

write a code to solve these problems as following :

1- Define a variable represents the booking zone.
2- Display these sentences on the screen.
press 1 : to reserve in business man zone .
press 2 : to reserve in Normal people zone.

3- Define variables represents 5 seats for each zone (counter for each zone).
4- Reserve a ticket for one person (verify if there is empty seats than decrease the counter).
5- Repeat the above code to five seats.
if we suppose a variable represents a passport number for person as following :\

double pas_num;
cout<<"Enter the passport number"<<endl;

then we define a single array for each zone in the plane as following :

double B_man[5];
double people[5];

6- write two for loops to enter passport numbers for the people booking.
7- write a function that take the array as parameters ans prints it.
8- write a code to search if any passport number is on the array or not.
(for loop to passing all array elements and if the statement within (for-statement) examines the given passport number equal to the array element or not)

9- write a function that takes three parameters as input
(double pas_num, doublearr[],int size)

10- put the code in function that return 0 if pas_num didn't find in arr array and returns 1 if it finds it

#Group your above answers and design a program .
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A good idea would be for you to start learning C++ if you wish to pass your exams the next time.

I'm a Beginner and I'm Still learning -_-
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