Equivalent site for c#

- Being that i recently started learning and doing research in c#, i wanted to ask all of you if you knew of a site that is similar to this one and is based on c#.
- Bump.

@mutexe: Google is not a C# related site. Don't be a jackass.

@OP: Sorry, but I'm not familiar with any similarly themed C# sites. I typically just use MSDN as a C#/.NET reference, but it doesn't really have an open forum like this one.
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MSDN and SO I guess. I've never ran into a site like this for any other language really.
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Literally every question asked on these forums can be answered with the right google search. Every single post could be responded to with "look on google". That kind of response is unhelpful and defeats the entire point of having a Q&A forum.

Besides there's a huge difference between getting a forum/reference recommendation from someone who actually has experience with a site and doing a blind search for one. The former is much more likely to produce a quality result.

There's nothing wrong with asking for recommendations from people you trust to be helpful. "google it" is not a recommendation.
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@Disch, @ResidentBiscuit:

- Thank you both for your assistance.
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