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Hi I'm wondering if I can get help with some C++.

Create an application that will allow a project manager to list tasks and team members on a project, allocate tasks and schedule team meetings.

On start up, the application should prompt the project manager for a project name and the number of persons on the team. Each project must be given a unique number. The application should allow the manager to input the first name, last name, email address and mobile contact number for each team member including his/herself. The project number and name are stored/appended to the file List of Projects.txt. The team members’ data should be stored in a file named <project>Team.txt.

The application should then provide options to schedule a meeting and/or to input and allocate tasks.

Task Allocation

Project manager should be able to enter a task, a deadline date for the task and the team member to whom the task is delegated. Each task should be given a unique number.
All data should be stored in a file named <project>Tasks.txt.

Scheduling a Meeting

To schedule a meeting the project manager must provide the following details:
 Date of the meeting
 Time of the meeting
 Location of the meeting
 Brief description of meeting agenda
 Invitees – choose from a list of entered team members or invite all

All data should be stored in a file named <project>Meetings.txt.

It would be nice to get some help. Thank You.

Hi there. Do you have experience programming, or do you have no idea where to start? Some more information on HOW we can help, rather than just giving us a prompt and saying "Go" will perhaps generate more interest for responses. The problem with basically giving the outline of an assignment and saying "help" is that it's so broad that no one knows where to start with assisting you.

Let me know, I'd love to lend a hand.
I really don't where to start for the whole program
Ok I don't think anyone will write your homework for you, BUT i will give a place to start
int main()
	return 0;


Just split everything in to functions so you can focus on 1 thing at a time, it will make it 10000% easier, and if you dont know how to do something specific Google is your friend.
Also, you're wanting to get input from the user.

An effective user-interaction is to have the program wait for input from the user and then store their input somewhere for use in the program, do you know how to do some of that?

Try including these at the top of your source code (.cpp file):
#include <string>
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

And where you want to prompt the user and store their input, use something like:
string user_input; // declare string literal variable
getline(cin, user_input);	// wait for user input, then store input
				// into variable 

You can then do things with their input, like print it out, or make decisions based on it, etc. Was that too basic?? :/
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