c++ socket

I need to send a message to the client (I have the IP address, MAC address, Usr name of the client) from server.
I do not have any kind of agent at this client who can listen from server.

I do not want to use "Net Send" or "Msg.exe".

I don't think it's possible to have a client receive a message without having the client listen for a message. If the client doesn't listen, the message is essentially just ignored.

It sounds to me like you want the "server" to send a letter to the "client", but have no way for the client to open the letter.
Thanks for your reply,
If I go for "net send". Messenger service should be run at client side (this is for Win-XP).
What is the similar way in Vista, Win7,Server2008, Server2012 and Win8?
Like Messenger service should I need to run any kind of service at client and server?

Your answers are most welcomed.

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