Important for windows and macs, can you help?

Me and my friends are making a 2d shooter game, and we are writing it in c++ we all have windows computers and we all have download visual studio 2010 to test out the game once we get the game made 100% then one person is going to buy a mac to post it would it work if once we made the game on visual studio then I could copy and past the code into xcode 4 on mac, or is there a program I can download on my windows computer that will let me post ios games from the program on windows computer. Can you help?
I though you werent suppost to use HackinTosh! Is that true?
It's illegal.
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no its not what makes you think that?
Someone told me that installing the mac OS on a non-mac was illegal.

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no its not.
Is VirtualBox illegal?
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Is there a way that I can purchase xcode 4 from apple for my windows 7?
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Or this there some other kind of program I can download on my PC that will allow me to make apple apps/games without getting a mac. Is there one?
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theres a game engine i cant remember the name though
Could you try looking it up for me? We need the game engine to be coding not like blender.
Blender isn't a game engine it's a 3d model maker and a video renderer.

Not saying that you can't make a game in Blender.
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getting the name of it right now
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Yes but unity you dont code and I want to code the game.
Why don't you learn C++ first. You obviously aren't ready to move on to game programming if you don't know the basics of C++.

We'll cross that bridge when we get there.

If you rush into game programming you're going to back down within the first few days because you don't even understand the language.
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you can do scripting in unity. not c++ but others
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