Including a visual c++ 6.0 header file in Visual C++ 2010 project


I have a visual C++ 2010 prj. I have two other old prjs complied in VisualC++ 6.0 and I want to use these old prjs classes in the new one. I was able to add one of the old prjs successfully by setting the linker options, adding path in additional include dirs and including the header file. I can create objs for classes and call methods successfully.
But for the second one, once I Include the prj and build my solution in vc++ 2010, I am getting a lot of errors. The prj compiles successfully in vc++ 6.0.

Is there a way I can include this prj successfully or Do i have to resolve each of these errors? I I see the errors growing as I keep resolving.

Resolve. Sorry.

If you can, see if you can grab an old VS 2003 or 2005 trial, import the VS6 project, resolve the errors, and then import the result into VS 2010. One step at a time.

If not, you'll have to resolve the errors. Sorry, I wish there was a magic conversion button, but there isn't. That's the C++ circle; you increase the errors by resolving, then you decrease the errors.
VS2010 converts automatically VC6 projects, however sometimes the conversion fails.

You basically double-click the .dsw file from VC2010. What project is it ? A DLL ? A library ? You get compiler or linker errors ?
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