data from file to array

Hello, to make this simple i have names in a text file followed by three scores.
I have tried and tried to get this to work but im totally lost. I need to take the names and store them into an array, and then take the three scores after the names and store then into a separate array. Then I need to output the information into a table like this:

name score score score
name score score score
name score ..... etc....

I have tried...

A loop to iterate 11 times for the 11 bowlers. each time it iterates i use getline to store the name into array[index] and then use a nested loop with myfile >> array2[index2] to store the scores.
its not working when i use a test loop to display each index in either arrays.

Please please some one give me some insight.

Maybe we could help if you gave us your code.
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