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Ah, damnit, I had the bloodshed version and it was always bugging out...
Like a perfect piece of code would just not compile because at some point it had an error a while ago, I had to make a new project and import the files to compile in that.

So yeah don't get Bloodshed DevCpp
Fk*n god change school, what the hell are they supposed to teach you, old stuff?

Dude you dont understand! In my country the final exams are asked on basis on TC++ and no school can change it. Now dont suggest me to change countries or some one can come change my country's education system to update c++. Lol every one just tells change change but never gives solution!
Well, the Windows SDK has been suggested.

If you are using a 32-bit compiler, which I believe Turbo C++ 4.5 to be, then you should might able to use the Windows SDK.

I say might as some of the Windows headers make use of Microsoft specific language extensions. So you might need to work round some problems in this area.

And I don't know enough about the Borland linker to know how happy it is with the Microsoft import libraries. It should be OK, but as I've never tried I can't be sure.

From the web I can see there are a lot of (mad!) people still using Turbo C++, so someone might have looked into the problem properly.

But, as you've gathered from this thread, they don't live in this neck of the woods!!

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