Turbo C++ Graphics Vs SDL


I am programming in C++ for quite sometime and am now trying to develop an application which uses graphics. Now, Turbo compiler comes with a good graphics library and current compilers(like CodeBlocks, Visual Studio, etc) can be set up to work with graphic libraries like SDL, SFML, Allegro, etc.

So, what should I learn - the turbo graphics library(which is not widely used now) or the later ones like SDL and SFML?

Forget the Turbo C/C++ stuff. Use it for learning if you must, but it's long out of date. Things have moved on.

So if I intend to develop games like tetris or snake for school projects, I should use current graphics libraries right?

Not just current graphics lib, but a current toolset; i.e. recent C++ compiler, and so on.
"For school projects" - does this mean that your projects will be compiled by someone else with this legacy software?
Yes, I use Code::Blocks. And thanks for your help.

I intend to learn to use the current graphics libraries(preferably SDL) and use my knowledge to make my own games. But every major site that offer SDL tuts suggest a novice who has just finished SDL should start with tetris.
They suggest Tetris because it is a fairly simple project -- one that a beginner (not necessarily a beginner programmer, but a beginner game writer) can accomplish to learn some important stuff.

It doesn't have to be Tetris, though. Do what you want. Just remember, the more advanced your game, the hotter the fire you'll be jumping into.
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