What's wrong ?

I dont know what is wrong with my code so far...I just started the game and for some reason it says its failed .

// First Complex Game

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

int main()
const int SMALLMOB_LOOT = 10;
const int LARGEMOB_LOOT = 15;
const int BOSS_LOOT = 30;
string character;

// Personalizing the character

cout << "\tWelcome To Huntswin! The Medieval School!\n";

cout << "\nWhat is your name young one?: ";
cin >> character;

cout << "\nWelcome " << character << " to Huntswin Medieval school!\n";

cout << "\nHuntswin offers three different courses here, here are you options:\n";
cout << "Guard , Archer, or Mage! Type the class you would want to be!(Case sensitive): ";

return 0;

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use getline(cin, string) instead of cin>> string. your probably typing in names with spaces
That didn't really help....but what did you mean by im typing names with spaces?
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could you post your code then? and i mean like did you type in for name: Bill Gates or something like that? a name that has a space
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