My First Game Attempt - SFML Snake

I've finally finished my first real attempt at creating a game with SFML! I randomly decided to program Snake the other day and managed to finish it in a few hours. Of course, after playing for a little bit, there were some minor bugs and adjustments to take care of, though. I'm satisfied with this, though I'm sure I could have done things much better. I didn't use OOP at all because I already started coding when I thought about OOP. I may make another version of this sometime, though. Anyway~ here's the source code if you'd like to take a look at it and maybe give me a few tips.

View in Mediafire (not a download):

Download from Mediafire (in case the view link doesn't work):

I think this is pretty damn good for a first real attempt at a game. The code may not be pretty, but it runs well and the game looks good. I definitely want to improve. Constructive criticism is welcome.

EDIT: I can't believe I forgot this, but here's a link to download the program. There's just two files there; the program and a font file.
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