How Much C++ Should I Know Before I Start Learning Direct X

How Much C++ Should I Know Before I Start To Learn Direct X. I know basic C++ and i know im not ready now for it but i was wondering what sort of things do i need to know before i start learning Direct x.
By basics c++ i mean.

if-else statements,
using namespace,
random number generation,
and doubles, floats, and signed/unsigned

What other things will i need to know before i begin to learn Direct X. Also this is the book i would buy for Direct X.
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I believe, differently I thing you should know maximum till intermediate level knowledge in C++, this will make learning different libraries and such easy and Direct-X will become whole lot easier because you will already understand few GDI\related concepts which make show up every now and then therefore you will not get stuck.
In my opinion I think you should try learn as much C programming as you can too, but I suppose if I was to give you a big list it would look a little like this:

Inheritance and Polymorphism
Windows Programming Basics
Extensive knowledge and experience with pointers
Knowledge with buffers is good but not entirely essential
<a good knowledge in maths is also helpful>

If I remember anything else I'll add them to the above list
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