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Me and my brother both are taking a class for c++. The teacher was going over some bonus stuff that we can use the internet for and said that one way is to put messages on another screen of someone on the same network. I was wondering if anyone knew how this was done. I am not asking for the code just on how i would go about doing this. Ex: outputting files to all the computers and making them open some way.
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I think this is what you mean:
Look into using winsocks (yes, it is Windows specific, at least I am pretty sure).

Hope this helped!
Or sockets. I have no idea about networking though.
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@Daleth That is what I meant, Windows sockets. I really don't know much about networking either, but I am going to try to learn some.
I thought not all sockets were Windows Sockets? I think SFML supports networking too (including sockets).
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Obviously, you know more about it than I do, so you are right. Like I said, I know very little about networking.
Socket programming is pretty much the same no matter what system you use... But there are specific things involved either way... Unless you have a specific platform in mind you ought to check out Boost Asio.

Hope this helps.
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