int problem

hi i remeber if i type int x;cout >>"type words in" cin >>x; cout <<x; and cout should type random but if i do int x = "error int does not type charecters";
while(string =! "SOMETHING")
it should be
error 8388475860
error 4958573920
error 0548604392

but i get error C2440 in the compiler is there any othere way to do this
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Please elaborate your problem. But there are some major mistakes in your code. You're assigning a string of characters to an int, which is impossible. And cout is always used with '<<' and not'>>'.
its not a real code execpt stiring put wahter ever name you would like what i am assking is this
int x;
cout <<"sometext";
cin >> x;
cout<< "error"<<x;

works i want to make that but without cin because if they type a number it wont work

int x = "some text"
while(somename =! "SOMETHING")
error C2440
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